Lately, artist Alexander James (Distill Ennui Studio) have approached us to develop a new ceramic range for his online shop and new brand Distilled London.

Distilled brings together a collection of hand made products, using the finest source material with a refined attention to detail & traditional artisan craftsmanship; all hand crafted in London.

Earth & Water Edition cups of 100/100

Inspired by Japanese design; made from translucent porcelain & stoneware, these tactile drinking cups connect earth, water & body.

By humbly accepting the unpredictable organic phenomenon that fire, air, and earth create and harmonising them all in the kiln. Urging a balance of tradition and modernity within the unpredictability of the processes. The value of intuition in hand shaping these forms while also experimenting extensively; creating these highly tactile and durable drinking cups that are strong and dishwasher safe.

‘Ethics of water conservation are at the core of my practice; it is a life giving force, how we imbibe it should be given that respect’ Alexander James 12/2014


Made in 3 different type of clay :

Earthenware// Anthracite grey stoneware //  Fine Porcelaine

All pressmolded with extremely thin slabs, which gives extreme lightness and a highly tactile product.

Talls: £48

Mediums: £39